Nicholas Coolridge or should I say “ModernTarzan” is a world famous movement artist who has been captivating the internet with his off-the-wall photography & viral videos. His unique and playful media creations will blow your mind and often make you laugh at the same time! It’s not surprising he has over 260,000 followers on Instagram alone

The world discovered him when he proved his super human strengths as one of the strongest competitors on the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior. He’s a 4x national finalist with multiple all star gold medals and was selected to be team captain on the spin of TV show Ninja VS Ninja

On top of that Tarzan is a master Acro Yoga performer/instructor and travels the world with his beautiful girlfriend @AcroSprout displaying their moves and love for each everywhere they go #adventurecouple

Many will know Nicholas from his truly positive, and simplistic lifestyle. He is one of little possessions and for a good portion of his adult life lived and traveled the country in a van he modified into a home

Before his movement career Nicholas grew up building house with his Dad (Paul) and studied in college as an automotive technician. Movement and media were just a past time hobby up until one of his first Youtube videos went viral. This was the first spark that led him onto devoting his life to his love of movement and photography.

Besides his three favorite activities Parkour, Climbing, and Acro Yoga he also loves spending his time traveling the world, playing the piano, exploring nature, cooking fresh food, or fixing things.

Although by birth his name is Nicholas, most now refer to him as Tarzan and some may not even know his real name! You wont have to hang out with him long to see that he truly embodies the stage name with a touch of sophisticated wisdom and love for technology. Say hello to ModernTarzan