Nicholas Coolridge calls himself a Movement Artist from his combined love of movement and capturing it via photographs or video. Surprisingly most the photos you see on his social media are also taken by him with a camera setup on a tripod and a timer.

Many will know Nicholas from his truly positive, and simplistic lifestyle. He is one of little possessions and has lived in a van he modified into a home for a good portion of his adult life.

Before his movement career Nicholas grew up building house with his Dad (Paul) and was studying in college to be auto mechanic. Movement and media were just a past time hobbies up until one of his first youtube videos went viral. This was the first spark that led him onto devoting his life to his love of movement and photography.

The three activities that light up his world most are Parkour, Climbing, and Acro Yoga. He says that even if the world went into financial crisis he would still be just as happy since these three activities require no money at all!

He also loves spending his time playing the piano, exploring nature, cooking fresh food, or fixing things.

Although by birth his name is Nicholas, like any super human, he goes by an alternate identity when performing his amazing feats of agility and strength. Say hello to ModernTarzan but most just call him Tarzan!