Who is Modern Tarzan?


Nicholas Coolridge is a top competitor on American Ninja Warrior and a well known Movement Artist on social media but just like any super hero goes by his alternate identity ModernTarzan


Inspiring artist

Constantly creating unique perspectives on how to look at and interact with the world around us


dedicated athlete

Determined to show the world what giving your all is all about


A normal day for him will blow your mind!

-Over 100,000 followers

-Top post hit over 20,000 likes and 2,500 comments

-Averages 5,200 likes

Instagram Followers

ANW7 leader board .png

"One of the strongest competitors we've seen this season on American Ninja Warrior!" -Matt Iseman

nicholas american ninja warrior

The only competitor to complete the course on the Venice finals


One of the choosen ninjas to compete on the elite Team Ninja Warrior series


Founding athlete of the most elite Parkour/Freeruning group on the planet the World FreeRunning and Parkour Federation (WFPF)

Judged MTV's Ultimate Parkour Challenge the only Parkour competition to air on TV 

Master teacher at the largest acrobatics workshop in the US AcroYoga's Devine Play